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Go Green….Spiritually

We’re in the middle of summer – warm days, bright sunshine,
and everything is really, really green. Summertime is a season of
growth – from delicious home-grown vegetables from a local garden, to
trees growing fresh leaves and branches, to our lawns growing tall and
lush, and constantly needing cut! In our hemisphere, the summer
months correspond with the season of Ordinary Time on the liturgical
calendar, a time of year not marked by a specific season or festival such
as Advent or Easter.

The name “Ordinary Time” may sound a bit boring to us, but it can actually be a
wonderful time of rest, renewal and continued growth in the Christian faith. The season
of Ordinary Time runs from the Sunday after Trinity Sunday (occurring in May or June),
until Christ the King Sunday in November. This season is represented by the color green
symbolizing ongoing growth and development in the Christian faith.

Ordinary Time is a great time of year to commit to a Christian practice, such as
prayer or fasting. Or delve deeper into the Bible, either by studying a biblical theme or
reading a particular book of the Bible. It is also a great time to continue practices, such as
weekly worship, acts of service, giving, or taking a time of personal Sabbath rest. To make
the most of Ordinary Time, think of one activity you can do to strengthen your commit-
ment to Jesus Christ and set aside specific time to engage regularly in it over the course of
the summer. With regular practice, these activities will open up space in your life for God
to do extraordinary things. So, “go green” during Ordinary Time, and you will find that
your faith will be anything but ordinary!


Pastor Hilary Livingston

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