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“Called as Partners in Christ’s Service”

This is a hymn in our Presbyterian hymnbook, #343, “Called as Partners in Christ’s Service”-a hymn that speaks
of our calling in Christ to be partners with other Christians in the service of the gospel.

“Called [...]

Confessions of a Sunday School Santa

I confess. I was Santa Claus for Sunday School Christmas parties.  Not just for one year, but for several.  And my fame spread so that one Christmas I was invited to be Santa for several Child Care Centers.  This was all great fun for the children.  And for me, too. I really didn’t think [...]

How will you observe Advent this year?

December 1 marks the beginning of the season of Advent, the season of getting ready. Even though stores are bringing out Christmas things earlier and earlier each year, in the church calendar the weeks leading up to December 24 are meant to be a time of reflection and preparation for the celebration of Jesus’ [...]

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Accessibility at Head of Christiana

“Why does Head of Christiana do all this talking about accessibility?” Some weeks ago a visitor asked me that. He went on, “You are the most accessible church I’ve ever visited!” That was certainly good to hear for Head of Christiana is proud of our grand hospitality. We have a heart for people, and we do a whole lot of listening and caring and are working to design programs and activities to respond to what people want and need. In many ways we are deeply accessible.