A Little About Us

image343Head of Christiana was founded in 1706. We are a strong congregaton with a rich history. We pride ourselves on being warm and welcoming. We are generous with our time and money in support of local mission and social service efforts.

Our church is a beautiful historic structure in a country setting. Our cemetery dates back to the Revolutionary War

Over the years, our congregation has grown and is made up of rural folks from the farm lands to our west, professors and students from the University of Delaware to our east, and many others who make their homes in the Elkton, MD, Newark, DE, and Chester County, PA areas. We are committed to caring for one another and seeking God together.

We welcome visitors and new friends with a handshake and a smile!

Our Mission

Motivated by our love of Christ and neighbors, we follow God through:

Word — engaging preaching, worship, and study
Work — caring service to our community and beyond
Witness — enthusiastic hospitality for all people

Supported by the wisdom of those who have gone before us, worshiping here at the headwaters of Christiana Creek, we look joyfully to the future of God’s church in this community.

Mission statement adopted June 2013

“Head of Christiana is a place where you can connect: connect with our Lord in worship, connect with friends, connect with strangers who quickly become friends, connect with your self in your walk with Christ.”

~ Steve Graham, member