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21st-Century Outreach

There is a whole lot of work that’s gone into developing this website over the past 9 months or so, and I am so proud of the church and the team for making this happen!  As we started talking about reaching beyond our current congregation, the website emerged very quickly as an area we needed to focus on.  The Session and those who had worked on the previous site were all very supportive, and very quickly we were able to put a great team together and start working.

We had a fantastic and pretty diverse team:

Jim Kline, Web Team chair and Evangelism chair
Becky Condliffe, content writer, aesthetics, and previous web guru
Ed Crispin, master of efficiency and getting things done!
Brian Huffman, bringer of abundant technical knowledge and new webmaster
pastor Bob Undercuffler
pastor Kate LeFranc

Our diversity of backgrounds and specialties really helped to represent the varied needs of our older and younger congregants, audience outside the church, and concern for best web practices as far as design, accessibility, and technology.  We contracted with AgoraNet, a Newark-based web company, who brought great design skills, flexibility, and web knowledge to their work with us.  Ed Adams of First State Pics took many of these beautiful photos of our worship and community.

From the very beginning, Head of Christiana was able to look at the development of this new site as an outreach/evangelism project; extending the mission of the church into our online “front door.”  And so it was only appropriate that we took some time in our worship service on December 8 to present and dedicate this work.

The following is our responsive prayer of dedication, and our hope for this project.  May this site be a blessing to all who visit!

Dear God, you speak in many voices and many languages. We pray that our witness in this online world might be a faithful expression of your good news to this community.
     Let your Spirit flow out from this place.
We have a rich history here, and we honor our past and present with new resources for our members in the traditions we have known.
     Let your Spirit flow out from this place.
We are called to share your love with all people, and we pray that these new forms of proclamation might help to welcome new friends into our midst.
     Let your Spirit flow out from this place.
Our team members have brought a variety of gifts to this work, and we dedicate this new phase to your continued mission in our world as a project of our whole congregation.
     Let your Spirit flow out from this place.
God of infinite possibilities, we ask your blessing on this digital witness, that it might continue to stir up new things in this place. With joy and excitement, we look towards the future, and we pray that this step and all our steps are faithful to the love that you have shown us in Jesus Christ.

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